Since there has been such a divisive and excluding pressure on people of all countries regarding the lack of sufficient informed consent about the true concerns regarding CV 19, it is necessary to honor individual countries’ rights and chosen ways to proceed. No country's laws should be superceded by an overarching single entity because it would have too much power and would veer toward tyrannical control. It’s a terrible idea to put a single organization in charge of all nations especially since it has not had a clearly helpful role in this past pandemic. If it must have power it should only be in the domain of helping to keep people free from mandates, passports, lockdowns, shutdowns, or coercion of any kind.

All physicians, scientists and health care professionals who are working to help treat with alternative medicine and approaches to healing should have their work supported, studied and helped to be shared with the public.

No one should be denied the right to refuse to take an experimental drug and no drug should be approved if there are any significant adverse reactions; and they should not be called vaccines if the treatment does not persist as does natural immunity.

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Submitted and shared xx

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Thank you for sharing your letter, Abby! Not sure if you saw mine, but here 'tis:


Anyone is welcome to share, copy, link, or include as desired in their own public comments.

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