Jan 23 • 14M

I, Heretic

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Truth, spirituality, poetry and fried eggs
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After reading this aloud, I thought about putting in this line in Part 3:

I’m still waiting. I wait for an apology.

But I don’t think we will ever get one.

In the meantime here’s the audio version of my poem I, Heretic

You can read the text version here:

Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
I, Heretic
Amongst all of the other things that I do, I’m also a poet. This substack is called Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs. But I have not posted many poems, if any. Why? I realise now. Because I’ve been too angry. So here is an angry poem, one that I have to get out of my system before I can write anything else…
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