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Thank you Amy! This really spoke to me. To be IN THE NOW! And honor all parts of ourselves is key! Body,mind,spirit! I had a trust violated 2 weeks ago~ a pretty big one~ ruminated on it for several days. Shifted my focus onto TODAY and it's now released! When I think of this situation, I send loving thoughts to this person. However forgiveness doesn't always mean reconciliation. But changed my focus on THE NOW and all that is good in my life. There is abundant good! I am fully responsible for where I place my focus, my energy and the good news, that I can control! Takes mental discipline but it's healthy to know I am in charge of me! Blessings to you from Texas!

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Blessings back. You can forgive and remember. We never need to forget bad behaviour. Let go of the emotion around it and move on. Glad you liked the video x

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Thank you so much

Here is something interesting about celebrity " power balls "


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