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How we heal now

We can't afford to spend time thinking about our pain anymore.

This is a short video story that I made today on Instagram. I normally wouldn’t criticise a conference like this, and I’m sure there’s plenty of good work going on in there. However, as I speak out more, I share more what is on my mind as important. And we need to change how we think about healing.

Working in the present moment is so much more effective. When we recognise the difference between emotions and our core being, allow the emotions flow through us (we are not our emotions, we experience our emotions), and solidify the responsible adult that we are, we can look after all of the aspects of ourselves. That’s empowering, it keeps our frequency high, and it keeps us here, where we are supposed to be.

I’ll have to write more about this in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Abby Wynne