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I've got three beautiful girls! Each one of them totally different in appearance and character. We represent all four of the elements as well! My life has been turned upside down with them, in a beautiful way. Indeed, the characters are already recognisable in our womb. With the first one I thought it was a boy, rough, firey and dominant, lol, later I've found out she's a girl, and as a child she acted like a boy. My second daughter; sleepy and dreamy, the airy element, doing her own thing never listening 😂. And with my last daughter I shared a deep bond, even before I was pregnant I knew she was coming, and I was afraid because I knew I would have to do it alone, just me and her. At the beginning of my pregnancy I meditated and asked if she is okay with being born without a father. An angel appeared to me and said that this soul really wants to be born! A simple and clear message! For me enough to make up my mind.

The problem with the church is that they don't recognise the reincarnation cycle, nothing is alive before it is born. Utter nonsense of course, feeding the evil, directing the dumb down people into wrong doing. In a healthy world with loving people, there's no such a thing as rape, being alone, suicide, or a need of abortion.

Our voices are important, and our actions too.

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Thank you for sharing x

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