No cellphone. No apps. C'mon now, really? Carrying a cellphone makes one extremely vulnerable.

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We need to live! I run my business off my phone. And I use it to create content and take photos. And to play podcasts and listen to lectures. We have a choice as to how to use it. I love my phone.

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Thank you for this Abby! Spot on, feeling that Y in the road...two timeliness maybe.

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Yesterday I was buying some fruit and veg in a local shop. The woman ahead of me at the checkout profferred her card but the machine would not work, so she had to leave without paying.

Faulty card machines have been cropping up a lot lately during my shopping trips to smallish retailers. Anyone with cash is therefore at an advantage. They can get what they came to buy and the retailer receives payment.

I spoke to one retailer about the costs to him of digital payments for small purchases. He confirmed what I knew already. The banks receive a cut of the purchase, however small, and that is one reason why cashless payments are being pushed. But notes and coins are costly too as the banks impose charges on retailers who make cash lodgements.

Needless to say, retailers will increase prices to compensate for their increased banking costs. So we all end up paying more at the till.

Perhaps the best remedy is to recirculate cash in local communities, through pubs for instance. But when I see folks pay for even a cup of coffee digitally I wonder if that ship has already sailed.

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