If that US poll also reflects popular opinion elsewhere it suggests that most of us are existing in a state of quiet desperation. In this part of Ireland no one I know is admitting their innermost thoughts but I sense that behind the bland facades around me is a lot of unspoken fear.

Abby is correct: "It’s always very important to stay centred and not to get caught up in fear." One way of achieving this is to ignore the media, not just newspapers, radio, etc., but Twitter and all those other alternative channels.

This is A LOT easier said than done, at least for this YouTube addict! But I believe you can't be made fearful if you don't listen to the fearful message. Yes you will miss 'news' that some regard as important, but you won't be exposing yourself to the sophisticated propaganda techniques being employed "to wobble us".

I think it's worth it. Now I just have to do it!

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It takes practice and an inner confidence that what you can see in front of you is the only thing you have to deal with in this moment. Imagine if we all could live this way! I think it’s a good time to learn. Thanks for the comment and the validation! Blessings to you xx

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Wow πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸ½ this hits the nail on the head ty for sharing 🩷

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