It's a weird statue and it adds zero value to anyone's journey. Sexualised pose of a child with an adult, and we know that people like Chrissy teigen are into this stuff along with many more female 'pizza' fans in the celebrity world.

Alot of elitist discourse around this by supporters, saying it's art, and a spiritual journey piece. It isn't, it's marina abramovic level puke for puke's sake.

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Hi Michael. You’ve ventured all the way over to my substack article yet you have missed the point completely. If your anger is clouding your vision and you can’t see what I’ve written then any comment I make to you here is futile. If, on the other hand, you disagree with my treatise that the statues in Victors Way are not satanic then I suggest you visit the place and see them for yourself. Because if you had indeed visited and had indeed seen them and experienced the peace and beauty of his garden then you would not be so incensed.

PS- if you know anything about me, have followed my work or indeed read any of the other articles here on my substack you would also have an inkling of how I think and what I stand for. And also what I do and how tirelessly I work. Good day to you sir.

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