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I've seen 2 videos recently of Irish MPs talking such sense, that I'd thought Ireland was doing better than England with speaking the truth, but clearly I was wrong. One was Clare Daly, the other I don't remember. Ms Daly was talking with such feeling about the people suffering in Palestine, for instance, and the refusal of the governments to acknowledge their pain and war torn country. Is the suffering of one group of people less important than another group? Apparently yes. So the real anger we feel,although partly because of the injustices we have been forced to endure over the past couple of years, is the hypocrisy we are surrounded by. Are people going to go along with opening their homes to refugees, without concern for their vaccine status? And I am not saying they ought to or not.Just that they must recognize that these positions they are putting themselves into, make absolutely no sense. Be fearful of Covid, keep wearing your mask and act accordingly. Or, start to appreciate that it did not make sense and so now you can invite strangers into your home, that most probably have not been jabbed.You have to make a decision. You believe the governing bodies or you don't. And if you don't, then think about what action you are going to take, what questions you need to ask. Complacency is not our friend at this time.

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Clare Daly is a rare breed of truthful MEP’s. How much power does one MEP have? She’s in the European Parliament, not the Irish home government. People are opening their homes already, and indefinitely. Today the media warned us of impending return of restrictions, whilst the Irish politicians said no, not a bit of it. Based on what has happened before, we cannot trust either media or government. So you’re right, complacency is most certainly not our friend. Thank you for the comment, much appreciated.

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