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It's the Most Exciting Time to Be Alive - with Dr Mary Helen Hensley

Healing for Healers - Episode 72 - in Forbidden Videos, so you know it's going to be good!

Sometimes the conversation is just too good to censor for YouTube. Which is why I’m putting it here - not that there is anything specific that I can think of that may get me a strike on my channel, but just in case!! The only way to talk is by talking, and with Mary Helen, you never know what is going to come up!

I'm really excited to share this conversation I had with Mary Helen as she talks about her experiences working as a Metaphysical Chiropractor. Mary Helen is the author of many books, she had a near death experience (NDE) when she was in her 20's and has a unique way of seeing the world. She also has had many unique experiences and is not afraid to talk about them! I know you will love her just as much as I do. I hope this episode stimulates you and helps open your mind to the fact, not possibility, that all of the dimensions are here and now, and everything is happening everywhere, all at once!

The frequency app by Greg Papania:
Find Mary Helen’s website here:

You can find other episodes of Healing for Healers here:

If you want to watch my first interview with Mary Helen, you can click here.

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