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I have been reading your first two books of the The Inner Compass series. Especially in the 2nd book (I haven't finished yet) there is a woman who has structural issues with her skeleton. These same issues are mirrored again in her psychological deportment.

OK. I am not sure the true purpose of her entry into the story. So the above observation may not apply in this case.

But I notice from the first book and it continues into the second book, Marissa is not grounded. Again it maybe for the purpose of the story. I may later find that one of her many mentors will teach her how to ground her self.

The grounding I refer to is from food. Deeply nutritious home grown or organic food. Again your choice of the story may have to do with points you are communicating through Marissa and the books.

Someone much better able to talk about nutritional health is in the link here:


Sound nutrition grounds our neurological system and our perceptions of the everyday world and the world extending beyond. I learned this from a woman who was Waldensian a medium and a psychic. I hope I got all the terms correct. These I share for what they are worth. Your mileage will vary.

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I’m not sure who you are talking about? Skeletal issues? This is a fictional story. And indeed Marissa at the best of times is not grounded! As most people are also not grounded when they first awaken.

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Thank you. I was hesitant to say a word, as it was just a story. Again thank you!

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Here from book 2.

Marissa noticed that Margaret was hunched over, and looking quite anxious. Because it’s her first session?

I read a lot into "her aged appearance and her extreme anxiousness all suggested in addition to her psychological problems there were nutritional ones as well.

I know that is not the point and I wasn't going to write you at all. But today I did. Sorry about that.

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Isn’t that interesting! You did read a lot into it! 🙂

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