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The lion has legs now and can stand up for itself.

It's time to create what we want to see in the world.
8 was cancelled 2 hours before the feast. Cancelled by people who are so invested in the narrative, that they felt threatened by anything that goes against it.

I wrote an article yesterday and was going to publish it here, but this morning I made this video for my Telegram, and for Twitter, so I thought I’d put it here too, because it says pretty much everything I was going to say in the article. And it’s interesting to put it here and on Twitter, especially as they are now not talking to each other.

That’s a symptom of this divide and conquer mentality. Substack and Twitter are not the same, and never could be. So why are they enemies? If they worked together, they would be stronger.

We need a counter-narrative because the current narrative is so compelling. If we could all work together that counter narrative would be stronger.

Most of the issues that people have, really, are relatively small ones compared to the larger issues that threaten our freedom and our choices. Meeting someone in real life helps resolve these differences. We are adult enough to agree to disagree, yes? Maybe, if we get together and talk in real life. On social media, it’s easy to fire anger at the other and then switch off the phone. Meeting someone in real life, taking the time to listen and understand creates empathy, and a heart connection. This is what resolves our differences and creates real community and why events like Think Local are so important.

When we are together, we are stronger. The bickering has to stop. Inclusion means including everybody. Let’s start with ourselves.

Hope you enjoy the video - let me know what you think in the comments xxAbby

Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Abby Wynne