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The Beauty of Human Biology

A video interview with me and Tricia Reid from 2020

I thought it might be fun to share a video, and I came across this interview that I did in October 2020. Oh have things changed! And I have changed too, but the essence of the healing practices I speak of are still the same. Thankfully!

I’ve been writing here mostly about my emotional response to Covid. There are other strings to my bow too. I’m a healer, in case you’re new to me, and I’m not a traditional healer at that. This video gives you an idea of my views on Spirituality and healing. (Well, I did say this Substack was about truth, spirituality , poetry and fried eggs, here’s some spirituality. Still not sure yet where the fried eggs come in.) It might entertain, enlighten or annoy you! Each of these things are good. (If it is the latter, perhaps you can ask yourself what exactly annoys you, and then take it from there.)

Continuity in practice. Sit in silence. Light a candle. I hope you enjoy. Do let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’d be open to more posts like this one.

Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Abby Wynne