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I have wanted to talk about this for a long time

But I've not been able to, the devastation has been too great.

Everybody needs to watch this video. That’s why I’m uploading it here. I have total respect and love for all of the de-transitioners that are now speaking out. 

This video is so emotional. You can hear about how they were lied to and pushed into the medical procedures. 

First intervention - double mastectomy. Unbelievable butchery. 

One person said, “Being given the option of pronouns made me believe I could change my sex.” - This is pure evil. It starts here. Giving consent for pronouns leads to this butchery. We must continue to push back on pronouns. 

One point that was brought up I’ve never heard anybody say before - “I’ve never had sex. I didn’t know how my body would respond.” Shocking and true. Wouldn’t you think people would at least wait until they were old enough to try sex before thinking how awful it would be and that they needed to damage their body irreversibly? Of course not - they’re children. Children don’t think like that. This is child abuse. 

A Prayer for De-Transitioners. 

I send you strength for your voice. Strength for your healing process.
Love so you remember above all else that you are loved. 
I ask the angels to make sure that any child that is thinking about doing this horrific mutilation to themselves sees a video or hears a story directly from your mouth. 
This evil madness must stop now. 
I send you grace and beauty. 
You are a child of God, now, and always. 


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Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Truth, Spirituality, Poetry and Fried Eggs
Abby Wynne